Instant Cash Loans

Instant cash loans – or so called pay day loans – have taken SA by storm with 1000’s of South Africans turning to easily accessible instant cash loans to cover excess Christmas expenditure. But are instant cash loans worth it?

With the growing numbers of payday loans providers offering quick and instant cash

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loans in as little as 10 minutes, it becomes really tempting to apply for a quick payday loan if we’re suddenly hit with unexpected expenses. And whilst there’s a variety of options available for instant cash – see our top pay day loan provider comparison for an example – it must be made clear that instant cash loans are one of the most expensive types of debt available! Having said that however, there are a certain instances where it might make sense….

Are Instant Cash Loans Ever Worth It?

The straight forward answer is Yes and No! Whilst instant cash loans should never be used to fund casual or excessive spending, they can be useful if you need to fund a purchase right now that would otherwise attract more fees or penalties (think about late payment penalties on bills or licences). The additional costs and potentially much more damaging impacts on your credit rating, will make the costs of using a payday loan company worth it.

So as with all loans, you should only go for an instant cash loan if it is the cheapest way to borrow, given your current circumstances!

What To Look Out For With Instant Cash Loans

This might sound like a bit of a cliche, but make sure you understand the fine print of any agreement your getting into. Most of the online payday loan providers make it really easy to get instant cash transferred into your bank account – but make sure you don’t get fooled by the ease of use and friendly tone – like all loan agreements, these do come with some very hefty clauses and stipulations.

You need to make absolutely sure you understand how the repayments are structured. Most payday loan companies charge an initial initiation fee plus the daily interest payment – whilst it might sound cheap when calculated on a daily basis, make sure you understand the rate of interest when compared against your typical rate of borrowing (i.e. around 30% of your credit card for example). Most payday loan providers charge far in excess of this rate.

Also make sure that you select the repayment date with caution – you need to absolutely make sure that the funds are available in your account on the day that you selected as your repayment date!

Are There Alternatives To Instant Cash Loans?

Since instant cash loans often come with very high fees and interest rate charges (even though it might not like this at first) it makes sense to use these as avenues of last resort.

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If you find yourself in a tight spot, it is definitely worth asking your bank or to extend your line of creditor or, even though you might find it humiliating, see whether your friends or families might be able to provide the loan at a cheaper rate.

The one rule you should follow is to never borrow more than you know you can repay and never ever use one instant cash loan to pay off another loan – rather seek debt counseling or debt consolidation advice before falling into the debt trap.

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